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Massage for the Endurance Athlete


Massage for the Endurance Athlete

There’s good reason why athletes are big fans of massage therapy. Other than it feels good and has so many other health benefits, massage can definitely offer some relief to endurance athletes. In addition to lowering blood pressure, improving circulation and reducing cortisol (a “stress hormone” naturally found in the body), massage can offer athletes an opportunity to reduce pressure on joints, ligaments and fascia (the sheath that surrounds muscle tissue).   All of these things aid in athletic recovery and improve stamina.

Studies have shown a direct correlation between athletes who receive massage as having a quicker recovery and less muscle fatigue. Runners, especially, rely on limber muscles for endurance and peak performance. Regular massage before and after races can reduce muscle cramping and stiffness which can throw off your gait and begin bad running habits. Beginning runners can especially benefit from this as massage can relieve initial soreness making more realistic to stay with the sport.

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