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Therapeutic Massage

A therapeutic massage is meant to take care of the whole body rather than deal only with a specific ache or injury. We form relationships with every one of our clients at Serenity Now to make sure we’re addressing their wellness needs, even if the client doesn’t know what those needs are before entering the treatment room.therapeutic-massage

Sometimes an injury may go unnoticed by a client, yet it’s the cause for an ache or discomfort elsewhere in the body. Back pain, for instance may not originate in the back, but in the hips. Getting more information from the client, using our training, knowing what to look for, and our intuition shaped by our experience give our staff the ability to talk with our clients and find out what’s really behind their aches and pains.

We describe our approach to therapeutic massage as “listening” to the body, feeling any tension in the muscles and applying only as much as much pressure as your body allows. You might come in after a stressful day and say you need a deep tissue massage.  We explain the different approaches to deep tissue work, and discuss starting out with a slower approach. A slow approach, is what Serenity Now owner Tiffany Johns-McDonald describes as “muscle melting”, loosens the muscles gradually. This gradual approach allows the practitioner to go deeper to reach those deep tissues.