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Treating Sports Injuries

Treating Sports Injuries

Massage can be a helpful tool in relieving strains, sprains and muscle fatigue. As important as it is to stretch prior to and after strenuous exercise, injuries can happen at any given time. Sometimes this can mean torn muscle tissue, or disrupted connective tissue. Gentle manipulation of the affected area can increase blood flow, allowing the body to begin the healing process. In addition, when a client receives a massage due to an injury, it is helpful to provide the means to relax. When stress levels are lowered, blood pressure reduces and circulation increases telling the body it’s okay to let it’s guard down and heal.

Regular massage before and after exercise can reduce muscle cramping and stiffness which can throw off your gait and begin bad habits. Many athletes have a massage care plan which actually integrates massage into their fitness routines. Tools such as foam rollers, nobbles, and rollerballs can target trouble areas, making the session more effective. For more information, contact us to schedule your sports therapy session.

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