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Getting a Couple’s Massage

Getting a Couple’s Massage

The benefits to couple’s massage are many. Maybe you are thinking about surprising a significant other but aren’t sure what is entailed, or are wondering if it’s worth the money. This post will talk about couple’s massage and why it’s so effective at strengthening relationships.

Common Reservations

Some of these apprehensions are more commonly experienced by men, but the following anxieties are open to everyone.

The first is exposure. Massages usually require removing all but your undergarments. You can request massages with clothing, but the effectiveness of the massage is greatly diminished. Going with a partner lessens the fear. Getting undressed with a lover can be a pre-ritual for some, making the process more exciting than apprehensive.

Those concerned with being touched by another person will find the support of their partner invaluable in surmounting those obstacles. Couples are free to converse, which provides vocal support, though often it’s enough to simply have your partner in the room.

The Benefits

Touch is not only relaxing, but healing. Massages release endorphins that relax the body and soothe muscles. The increased blood flow warms the body and calms the heart. Massages reduce depression, anxiety, and headaches. A couple’s massage at the end of a particularly stressful week is an excellent way to dissipate that stress to properly enjoy time with your partner.

Other couples use joint massages as a precursor to a date. The benefits to this strategy can be physical. Maybe your back hurts and your partner would like to see a movie together. Reducing the back pain first can elevate the cinema from tolerable to fun. Other benefits include increased energy and flexibility for intimate couples.

Some couples simply want to relax and clear their head before going out, or want to soothe muscles before dancing. Regardless of the date, couples massages set the stage for just about any event, ranging from practical to esoteric.

Benefits extend beyond romantic partnerships. They can be used for parent/child bonding, close friends, and even athletes relaxing after a stressful competition.

Talk With Your Partner

Some people with lots of experience getting massages prefer to go alone. If your partner expects to have a silent, sensual massage, avoid excessive talking. Simple discussion and common sense can easily avoid problems.